Monthly Archives: January 2011


Yes, it’s important, and I’m (finally) unabashedly available to go after my dreams with you, without fear.

Hello, Beauty.

I’m here to ask you to be a part of my financial support community.

This year, I have finally arrived in a place of complete, whole understanding and contentment in who I am, what my mission is, and who I wish to serve.  This blog gives the details.

My first fundraiser is up on March 21st, 2011 – one day after my 28th birthday. This fundraiser is devoted to covering 1/2 of my start-up expenses — and once these are covered, I’ll be free to focus on launching my new project, Journal To Save Your Life.  If you have any questions, hit me with them.  I’m ready.

Every dollar donated also goes towards making all of my 2011 grant applications more impressive – as a project with supporters is better than one with none.

Please donate $5, $15, $25 or $100 to my campaign: has a medley of the nine videos I made to share my business plan through video.  A list of web addresses for each of these videos can be found here.

I am looking to raise $2200.  Everything helps.  Everything.

Help me prove that one doesn’t need to be backed by one or two millionaires to make a difference in this world.  Through community, anything can happen.  Please be my community.

Thank you, love bird, and do hit me up with any questions.

Jasper Faolan