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~May Newsletter~

Everything to do with launching Indie-Pen-DENT! Community’s first community service project, Journal To Save Your Life, is progressing in miraculous, efficient and stunning ways.

This is clearly going to happen.  We are making this happen.



With Summer upon us, I decided to forgo summer school and most of my travel plans to devote the next 12 weeks to establishing the FOUNDATION of Journal To Save Your Life. It feels good to have found my calling – to tend to the mental health needs of at-risk female youth. Come May 30th, I’m hitting the ground running.

Narrative Psychiatry

Michelle Joy, the editor of Yale’s Medical Humanities Journal, and I are continuing our brainstorming on how J2SYL will ultimately serve at-risk female youth. We are both reading ‘Narrative Psychiatry: How Stories Can Shape Clinical Practice’ by Bradley Lewis this summer. She continues to send relevant links about presenters and listservs as well.

Disseminating J2SYL Throughout Texas

Fortuitously, I met Steve Frank three weeks ago, and he works for Region XIII.

‘Education Service Center Region XIII is one of twenty service centers that serve the Texas educational needs. Although we provide services and tools nationwide, our assigned regional area encompasses: 60 School districts, 17 Counties, 18 Charter schools, 19 Private schools, and 8 Institutes of higher education.’ (

At the time of us speaking, Steve had received a significant grant from the government in order to reorient our Texas school counseling system. He communicated how ‘desperately’ youth need scalable mental health resources – there are 350-800 junior and high schoolers for every ONE school counselor. I aspire to work with him this summer in order to make Journal To Save Your Life a potent addition to his Region XIII work, giving us a powerful way to disseminate our work in a respectable way.


Developing Success Metrics

Three weekends ago I met Alexa, a University of Texas at Austin PhD candidate who works in the Developmental Psych department. Her thesis explores the psychopathology of queer adolescents; she looks at how queer sexuality speaks to adolescents’ development in our society.

Alexa has offered to help develop ‘success metrics’ for our J2SYL beta year (2012). Establishing success metrics gives us a way to have ongoing, solid, quantifiable ‘results’ as we determine the best way for our project to function. If these results reveal positive effects of J2SYL on the mental health of female youth, this will put us in a strong position to receive funding.

Creating Promotional Media

After two MONTHS of monkeying around with the Sheriff’s office, we have a Green Light to use Austin’s Old County Jail for a film shoot to promote Journal To Save Your Life.  The Old County Jail premises in the HMS Civil Courthouse building in downtown Austin, to be exact.

Purpose of our J2SYL film shoot: To Communicate what Journal To Save Your Life is to female adolescents, potential funders, and potential J2SYL journal prompt contributors (professionals).

A group of Austin film makers and professionals are coming together to make this film shoot successful.


We raised $720 for our first fundraising effort using an platform. Thank you to everyone who has supported us financially so far. I am optimistic about future fundraising efforts as a result.

Grant Application

I applied to J-Lab’s New Media Women Entrepreneurs grant in April. Results are shared with applicants soon. Writing the grant proposal was surprisingly fun, and I look forward to writing more grant applications throughout the summer.

* * *

Journal To Save Your Life (J2SYL)

Jasper Faolan and her team of talented and dedicated volunteers are building an online service project for female adolescents called Journal To Save Your Life (J2SYL).  The mental health needs of female adolescents are staggering. J2SYL experts disseminate mental health information via journal & art prompts to transform these young women’s lives.

J2SYL can be a potent, inexhaustible, scalable resource for the school counselors and teachers that you work with.

2011 is our foundational incubation year. In January 2012, we launch our beta version.

If you feel like you have energy and skills to offer, and you want to be involved with our mission, email Jasper at: Rock on!