For us at Indie-Pen-DENT! Community, our hearts are devoted to building healthy relationships with and empowering at-risk female adolescents to authentically be themselves – even in the shadow of perceived, societal risk.  We intend to catalyze at-risk youth by publishing and promoting raw, true stories, developing an online project called Journal to Save Your Life, and laying the foundation for a 2014 tour called Women & Rage.  We focus on transforming the detrimental effects of addiction, hyper-sexuality, sexuality confusion, delinquency and toxic relationships into the foundational pieces of Personal Revolution.  Our emphasis is on honesty, exposing one’s edges, finding one’s voice, and bold, shameless, cathartic healing.

Notably, in addition to connecting with female adolescents, our work also resonates with male youth and women & men 20+years of age.  Given this, our hearts remain open to supporting all that are attracted to the tools we offer and the books we publish.

Question for Readers: What are your thoughts on our mission? Do you know of other organizations with similar foci that we should talk to? Are you compelled by the language here, or do you think we need more Body? Are you even interested in reading any more about us?


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