II. General Company Description

Indie-Pen-Dent! Community’s MISSION

For us at Indie-Pen-DENT! Community, our hearts are devoted to building healthy relationships with and empowering at-risk youth to authentically be themselves – even in the shadow of perceived, societal risk.  We intend to catalyze at-risk youth by publishing and promoting raw, true stories, developing an online project called Journal to Save Your Life, and laying the foundation for a 2014 tour called Women & Rage.  We focus on transforming the detrimental effects of addiction, hyper-sexuality, sexuality confusion, delinquency and toxic relationships into the foundational pieces of Personal Revolution.  Our emphasis is on honesty, exposing one’s edges, finding one’s voice, and bold, shameless, cathartic healing.

Notably, in addition to connecting with female adolescents, our work also resonates with male youth and women & men 20+years of age.  Given this, our hearts remain open to supporting all that are attracted to the tools we offer and the books we publish.


Indie-Pen-DENT! Community PROJECTS:

  • a raw hummingbird – Book I of The Hummingbird Series, written by Indie-Pen-DENT! Community founder, Jasper Faolan
  • Journal to Save Your Life ~ Anonymous Online Journaling Service for At-Risk Youth ~ Sister Project to be promoted alongside a raw hummingbird
  • Women & Rage – 2014 Tour


The Need (The “Industry”)

We intend to address the mental health needs of adolescents of all races here in America[1] who have experienced dating and/or sexual violence, sexual abuse, suicidal ideation, self-harm, addiction, poor nutrition, toxic relationships, family and other interpersonal stresses, rejection by family and/or society due to sexuality, and/or positive or negative consequences due to their queer sexuality.  The number of teenage females who have experienced the above stresses are numerous.  Section ‘V. Marketing Plan’ of this business plan gives statistics.



With Indie-Pen-DENT! Community’s uniquely skilled and passionate staff, bootstrapping approach to finances, social media tools, desire to collaborate, and persistence, Indie-Pen-Dent! Community is ready to improve the mental health of our nation’s youth.  Indie-Pen-DENT! Community’s executive director, Jasper Faolan, has experienced all of the above stressors (see ‘The Need’), and through counseling and writing she has found her center and ultimately, happiness.  She is studying to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with a focus on adolescent mental health, has her Masters in Business with a focus on International Entrepreneurship, is promoting a trilogy on her own adolescent delinquency, and is now launching her sister project, Journal to Save Your Life, to positively move adolescents towards empowerment.  Furthermore, her group of volunteer staff is talented, available and devoted, and her mentors are varied and influential community members.  Potential funders and sponsors are numerous and promising.

[1] Our tools will also be applicable to those in other Westernized countries, but we do not pretend to meet the needs of those in developing nations, as the needs are strikingly different.


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