III. Products and Services

Indie-Pen-DENT! Publishing

Indie-Pen-DENT! Community has a publishing arm, Indie-Pen-DENT! Publishing, a company devoted to promoting women’s works that offer edgy, raw looks at life and ultimately empower its readers.  Its first series is as follows:

  1. The Hummingbird Series
    Book I – a raw hummingbird

The Hummingbird Series documents the true story of a female that transforms her adolescent delinquency into the foundation of an empowering adult life.  More information can be found at http://www.JasperFaolan.com.

By promoting this series to teenagers today, we encourage our youth to emerge from their own confusing, hidden, and potentially hellacious, middle and high school years to realize their highest potential as adults.  Book I, a raw hummingbird, is an anti-euphemism, explicit account of a girl’s experience and her adult reflection on what it means to be a girl, sexual violence, addiction, odd spirituality and determining one’s sexuality.  Book II accounts the positive, true queer love story between Jasper and Sage, and in Book III, the adult Jasper reflects on her delinquency and identifies key tools that literally saved her life.


Pricing of a raw hummingbird

The first three chapters of a raw hummingbird are offered for free in perpetuity on http://www.JasperFaolan.com, Jasper Faolan’s facebook, and blog.

Pricing a raw hummingbird is based on:

  1. The manufacturing and shipping and handling costs of a softcover book
  2. The commission gained by e-book retailers in the case of e-book sales
  3. Competitive analysis of similar Young Adult books that are national best sellers
  4. The value of the book having being written over the course of eight years
  5. The need for a book large enough to effectively display the aesthetics of its ergodic literature style

Sales – Preferred distribution channels:
~ Softcover sold directly from JasperFaolan.com website: $20 ($15?) + $3 standard s/h & U.S. taxes
~ E-Book:  $ 15.50

Sales – Secondary distribution channels:
~ Softcover sold on online retailers such as Amazon.com: $25.95
~ Book stores such as Borders and independent stores: $25.95

2. Journal To Save Your Life (J2SYL) ~ Anonymous Online Journaling Service for At-Risk Youth ~ Sister Project promoted alongside a raw hummingbird by Jasper Faolan

Journal To Save Your Life (J2SYL) is an online, professional, mental health service for adolescents founded on guided journaling.  The J2SYL brand will be edgy while still promoting positive, healthy images.  Journaling prompts (written, audio and video) will be provided by Jasper, peer reviewed research, established role models, relevant nonprofits, nutritionists, writing therapists, psychology professionals, feminists, societal critics, and teens themselves.  Everyone who is ultimately involved will be united in a common Passion: To better the lives of young adults by helping them transform the detrimental effects of low self-esteem, addiction, poor nutrition, hyper-sexuality in the media, sexuality confusion, delinquency and toxic relationships into the foundational pieces of their own Personal Revolution.

Further details on Journal To Save Your Life can be found here.

J2SYL Timeline

Journal to Save Your Life Beta Stage Version
~ Fall 2011 Launch ~ Free to Teenagers and interested adults (eg. delinquent program directors) for one year in exchange for feedback on our service.

Journal To Save Your Life ~ Official Launch ~ Fall 2012

Seven Revenue Streams for J2SYL ~ Pricing TBD

1.       Individual memberships

2.       J2SYL Program Package will be offered to groups that tend to the mental health needs of adolescents (a sliding scale licensing fee will apply)

3.       Affiliate marketing & advertising ~ With a strict adherence to the mission of J2SYL, advertisements relevant to the mental health needs of adolescents will be present on the site

4.       Brand building merchandise

5.       Journal To Save Your Life Journals for those that want to print or copy their customized prompts into a hard copy journal (instead of type)

6.       Journal To Save Your Life anthologies will be published following our second year of operation

7.       Jasper Faolan speaking tours

3. Women & Rage – 2014 Tour

Excerpt from our W&R brief:

While ‘Rage’ is often associated with aggression, violence and destruction, this group has reinterpreted this word to indicate the Moment where emotion and action intersect, and, ironically, where creation, not just destruction, becomes possible.  All too often we Use numbness and learned helplessness to censor our impassioned hearts in the name of feeling ‘safe’. There is nothing safe about denying who you are. With Women & Rage, silence and numbness cease to be comfortable.  The women of Women & Rage entice your true self to be expressed – and in so doing, enable your authentic Voice to signify the next wave in your own personal revolution.

“At the level of individuals, anger is a cleansing force.
It frees the woman from her inferiority complex and from despair and inaction;
it makes her fearless and restores her self-respect.” – Julia Lesage

Pricing ~ TBD

Note: Relevant content that will ultimately form Women & Rage will also be utilized for empowering prompts in Journal To Save Your Life.


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