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Journal To Save Your Life

~ Online Journaling Service for Youth ~

Sister Project promoted alongside a raw hummingbird by Jasper Faolan

Journal to Save Your Life (J2SYL) is unique; it accepts that not every girl is ready to be as out and bold as the heroines found on YouTube, and S.P.A.R.K.  Some girls have been scared into hiding; their very existence so fraught with difficulty that the mere idea of confidence feels outrageous and grandiose.  Others are reactive and rebellious in response to difficult situations.  J2SYL will speak directly to these girls by providing them with professional, guided, journaling prompts on a range of teen issues.  As a result, J2SYL will catalyze our young women to become community leaders, even on the foundations of their sordid pasts.

Journal To Save Your Life is designed by Jasper Faolan, an adolescent delinquency survivor, current holder of a Masters in Business with a focus on International Entrepreneurship, and a woman studying towards becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. J2SYL’s guided journaling prompts will be provided by Jasper Faolan as well as psychology professionals, nutritionists, sexuality researchers, high-profile role models, feminists, artists, career counselors, and societal critics.  Quizzes will help a girl determine which stream of prompts will most benefit her – the intrapersonal stream that catalyzes cathartic introspection and growth, the stream that emotionally enables her to go out and work in community, or both.

Journal To Save Your Life will ultimately support thousands of edgy, abused, conflicted, and valuable young women currently outside of our mental health care system by providing authentic and scalable support online.


Indie-Pen-Dent! Community’s WISH LIST of collaborators & contributors include reputable adolescent psychology researchers, Jean Kilbourne, media critic and nationally renowned speaker, spoken word artist Andrea Gibson, and Heather Corinna, author of S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-To-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get You Through High School and College, as well as others.

To date, the exclusive nutritionist for Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation in Austin, Texas has agreed to be our nutritional journaling prompt contributor.

Every potential collaborator or contributor is chosen based on:

  • Their academic and/or activist history and specialization
  • Their long standing support and dedication to issues pertaining to young women, women, and/or personal growth through honest introspection and critique
  • Their optimistic approach and willingness to address difficult issues experienced by our youth today

These high-profile potential contributors will be accessed following our first, successful fundraising campaign.  This campaign will give our organization legitimacy by showing that we are actively engaged in manifesting our mission.

The Look

Aesthetically, Journal to Save Your Life will absorb inspiration from the following teen focused websites: ~ Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge (SPARK) ~ To Write Love On Her Arms (Without the emphasis on girls being sexual.)


Journal to Save Your Life was inspired by Jasper Faolan’s profound healing as a result of journaling.  In addition to having therapy from the age of 14 – 18 years old (which she will always recommend), she journaled from the time she was 12 years old until now, at the age of 27.  Journaling catalyzed her ability to heal from early sexual abuse, sexual violence experienced as a teenager, addiction, dysfunctional social relating, and a sense of spirituality that she felt compelled to hide.  By providing guided journaling prompts from experts in their fields, Journal To Save Your Life provides young women with a comprehensive, private, mental health support system that they may never experience otherwise.


The impetus for Journal to Save Your Life’s design is a writing based, sexual abuse survivor research project conducted by the University of Texas at Austin Female Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory.  Jasper Faolan participated in this study many years ago.  From this starting point, American Psychological Association (APA) endorsed research on the psychological benefits of journaling have been utilized in the creation of J2SYL.  These articles provide insight into when journaling benefits are most clearly felt as a result of certain kinds of prompts.

Guided Journaling

One of the most important aspects of J2SYL’s design is the emphasis on guided journaling:

“Researchers are only beginning to get at how and why writing may benefit the immune system, and why some people appear to benefit more than others. There is emerging agreement, however, that the key to writing’s effectiveness is in the way people use it to interpret their experiences, right down to the words they choose. Venting emotions alone–whether through writing or talking–is not enough to relieve stress, and thereby improve health, Smyth emphasizes. To tap writing’s healing power, people must use it to better understand and learn from their emotions, he says.” (Murray, 2002)

This study and many more provide the framework for Journal to Save Your Life.


  • Mental State
    • Every girl who approaches the Journal to Save Your Life website will be on a different step of her journey.  On the whole, she will need to either focus on growing internally or learning how to go out and serve her world.  Correspondingly, Journal To Save Your Life will offer journal prompt streams that either focus on internal reflection or community organizing.  Girls that will benefit from both types of streams will have access to both.
  • Issue
    • Each girl can choose which issues she wants to address during her membership with us.

There will be a special emphasis on teenagers giving up addictions in order to claim a full life.  Organizations that are currently devoted to teens giving up drugs will have their information available on the website – as will many other organizations that support the kinds of breakthroughs Journal to Save Your Life purports.


Sound research supports Indie-Pen-DENT! Community’s emphasis on journaling for at-risk youth, and supports Jasper Faolan’s design of Journal to Save Your Life for the purposes helping adolescent delinquents heal from their experiences.  See Articles for a list of articles that support Jasper Faolan’s work.

Other Features

  • Choice of which topics one will focus on during the 12 month duration of each journaling cycle, and this feature can be edited throughout
  • The ability to save journal entries to:
    • One’s private journal at home
    • Journal to Save Your Life’s online journal
    • In a softcover Journal to Save Your Life journal
  • Submit particularly painful or embarrassing journal entries to Never Be Seen Again (by Anyone) Space, thereby enabling the writer to be ‘fully free’ in their expression
  • Submit entries to the Journal to Save Your Life Time Capsule – a service that emails you your entry at a date that you determine in the future
  • Ask Jasper
    • Similar to the advice columnist found on, Jasper will answer anonymous questions from readers & visitors.  Example.
  • Journal to Save Your Life Quarterly, Online Publication & Zine
    • While not the main focus of Journal to Save Your Life (anonymity and privacy are paramount values), girls that wish for their work to be published for the benefit of other members will have a chance to submit their work for a quarterly, online publication of Indie-Pen-DENT! Community.  It may also become a zine.  Example list of girls’ stories.  A particularly relevant story example as it pertains to sexuality, is found here.


Journal to Save Your Life is not a substitute for professional help.  Disclaimers on this will litter the website like confetti.   Journal to Save Your Life is an online resource that will enable teenagers to conceptualize their lives healthfully as a way of buffering themselves from the scads of painful experiences that may come up in their lives.  With us, they’ll have the chance to become more psychologically healthy.

Journal To Save Your Life

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