IV. Marketing Research

This marketing plan covers our general market, the statistics relevant to quantifying the need of female adolescents for our services, and the demand and the opportunity that exists for an organization like ours.

The Girls We Wish to Connect With

a raw hummingbird by Jasper Faolan

The reader of a raw hummingbird is a person who is experiencing, has experienced, or is interested in the ramifications of the true story of a young woman who is sexually abused, raped, confused about her sexuality, oddly spiritual and lives to tell the tale with power & confidence.

Journal To Save Your Life (J2SYL)

The girl, young woman or woman that finds herself drawn to Journal To Save Your Life will be craving a service that provides authentic, raw journaling prompts that will allow her to grow.  Those seeking to grow in understanding how nutrition, relationships, sexual violence, bullying, interpersonal skills, and personal reflection can positively or negatively change their life will find this project fascinating.  Journaling Prompt ‘streams’ will activate a three, six, 12 or 24 month journey for her, and every woman can decide which prompts are most relevant to her own life.

Members can also decide to advance onto journaling prompts that allow them to dig deep and find their true calling.  These prompts should be addressed once one feel confident enough in themselves to go out into the world in this way.


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