Demand & Opportunity

At-risk youth that engage in substance abuse, hyper-sexuality, and other risky behaviors are not receiving adequate psychological help or support to mature.  “90% of young people who could benefit from treatment for drug or alcohol abuse never get the help they need.” ([1].  Those that have suffered sexual violence or bullying due to their sexual orientation are also under served.  This is due to city resources, parental resources and/or motivation, the teens need for perceived control over their life (so lack of motivation to visit a professional), etc.

By connecting with and reading Jasper Faolan’s true story about her adolescent delinquency, and then witnessing how she’s used her pain to create life, Indie-Pen-DENT! Community provides a positive, edgy role model and catalyst for youth to start examining their own lives.  Our online Journal to Save Your Life service has the potential of helping tens of thousands of teenagers grow their cognitive & emotional ability to deal with, transform, and heal from traumatic experiences.  You will find evidence on how journaling heals under the ‘Product Features’ section of this business plan.

To quantify the demand for our specific service, we will launch the beta version of Journal To Save Your Life in the Fall of 2011 to ideally hundreds of teens of partner organizations.  We will then be able to modify our service based on their feedback.


Next: Competition.


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