Financial Strategy

Strategic Financial Approach: We’re Bootstrapping

Boot·strap·ping [ boot stràpping ] Noun.
Starting a business from scratch; the building of a business from nothing, with minimum outside capital.

Bootstrapping (free & powerful) tools:

  • Social media

As privileged, Western adults, we have a wealth of free community and business building tools at our fingertips.  I consider Chris Brogan to be my personal social media consultant…albeit he doesn’t know it.  He’s a genius:

  • The power of DIWO ~ Do It With Others ~ The website I use for my fundraisers ~ introduced this concept to us (check us out!  Fundamentally, D.I.W.O. encompasses how we are launching Indie-Pen-DENT! Community ~ we’re doing it with others. We have groups of experienced business mentors, a group of women willing to volunteer for specific projects, extensive social networks, and the like.

Pricing/Sales Strategy: See this page of this business plan for information on how our start-up projects are being priced.


Indie Fundraisers
~ Doing It With Others~

We have a goal of launching Indie-Pen-DENT! Community with you, our donors.
Not a bad goal when you consider our ambition of connecting and catalyzing thousands of young women with hard-core, researched founded, vibrant projects.


1. IndieGoGo Fundraiser I ~ $2200 ~ Financing Already Accomplished Set-Up Costs for Indie-Pen-DENT! Publishing
2. IndieGoGo Fundraiser II and/or Grants ~ Launching Indie-Pen-DENT! Community into Public Space
3. IndieGoGo Fundraiser III ~ Support Jasper Faolan finishing book II of her series called Silent Rain

Current Campaign:


Break Even [ break even ] Noun.

The point or level of financial activity at which expenditure equals income or the value of an investment equals its cost.

Our Break-Even Time Frame:
Two and a Half Years to break-even.
Three Years to become a self-sustainable non-profit.


Please consider being one of our donors.



Business Strategy.


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