From Executive Director, Jasper Faolan:

Without tending to a fluffy ducks introduction, I’m going to dive right in. Thank you for reading.

I am deeply passionate about serving the needs of female youth.  My community, Indie-Pen-DENT! Community, is set to do just this.  I have never been more serious about a start-up business in my life.

In conjunction with promoting my trilogy, The Hummingbird Series (, I am launching a sister project called Journal To Save Your Life.  I intend for this project to meet the mental health needs of young women through raw, authentic, shameless, guided journaling.  It is possible for tragedies to become one’s next big breath.  Our project will help shift pain into personal revolution.

I am looking for individuals how are willing to donate to my first IndieGoGo fundraising campaign:

This fundraising campaign will retrospectively cover start-up tasks that have already been accomplished.  My second fundraiser will focus on the growing of our business.


Any amount is a legitimate donation, seriously.  Thank you!


Thank you.  The only way that I can do any of this work is with you.




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