Wish Lists!

All of the sections in this part of our website are forming as we speak.  We have over 100 individuals & organizations to contact (with your help!), since we appreciate that any one person might only connect with 1-10% of the people she contacts.  We are going to make this happen with incredible people.

Watch this space! We’ll make sure to update you on Jasper Faolan’s facebook page: facebook.com/jasper.faolan and her YouTube channel: www.YouTube.com/user/jasperfaolan.  Add us, and when you do, you’ll be able to keep up with us as you wish.

Question to Readers: Who should we contact about our projects for coverage in the Summer and Fall of 2011? What communities should we approach about serving or collaborating with?

Who inspires you as a speaker on the topics we address, and why?


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