Official Indie-Pen-DENT! Volunteer Positions

Support and positively affect youth by having fun for 1+ hours per month.

Rock on, right?

All of the information required to succeed in each of these volunteer positions will be provided.Note! Some positions are paid positions (eg. website designer), and funds for these positions will be attained through the kind people that donate to our IndieGoGo fundraisers & through grants.
Time Requirement – STARS! – Sign up as a one, two or three star volunteer (no hierarchy intended!) to indicate if you’re willing to offer one to two(1-2), four(4) or five plus(5+) hours of volunteering/month, respectively.
Commitment Requirement – Please commit with your heart & sign up for a position(s) that you feel confident in being able to complete.  Thank you!
Intangible Reward – Know that your commitment of 2 – 5+ hours/month is helping build a beautiful, important service for at-risk youth.
Tangible Reward – Receive volunteer-only perks such as offers for new paid gigs, information on news, successes and projects first, and surprise gifts in the mail sent to you by Jasper!

Indie Volunteer Positions




Star Rating


Personal Assistant Someone who would like to love on Jasper on a regular basis. Either be in Austin or work remotely, and generally support her efforts through emails, phone calls, organizing information, and interfacing with the public.  In the process, watch how an entrepreneur learns how to launch her project nationally, from the ground up. Two Star You decide.
Creative Marketing Campaigners One with a genius sense of how to create unique approaches to the individuals we wish to serve. Create Creative Campaigns that promote out work!  Develop videos, images, and art that promotes our work into the public space in a professional, compelling, quirky/unique way. Be familiar with feminist studies, psychology, and women empowerment.  Understand how to make YouTube videos and how to engage with other social media.  Be a self-starter and devoted to launching this volunteer run, national community to serve at-risk youth. Two Star All year.
Build community.

Networkers Connect teenagers to our online presence including Journal to Save Your Life facebook page prior to it going live.  Reach out to family planning clinics, rape crisis centers, youth centers, women’s centers.  A list of individuals & organizations to be contacted will be provided.  Volunteers can either email and/or call those on this list, and they can choose which ones they feel most personally connected to. An online excel chart will us to keep track of who we’ve contacted. One to Three Star All year.
Press Release Distributors Hi! For a couple of minutes a day, simply email a few media outlets in your town about what we’re doing as a group of willing volunteers – press release to be provided – and let us know if we are covered. One Star
Social media freaks (what?) and professional social media experts Jump into the conversation! Pull yourself out of your usual routine & have fun with this.  Either make your own YouTube videos about what we are aspiring to do (launch a national, online community around adolescent empowerment on the backbone of volunteers & fundraising), about the topics dear to our hearts – sexuality, identity, violence, creation – or share our videos & media far & wide!  Tweet, facebook, chat! Help make this real from your own cozy nook. One to Three Star
Journal to Save Your Life Beta Stage Already involved in a youth organization that you think might really love exploring & giving feedback on Journal to Save Your Life before it officially goes live? Talk to us! One Star March – July 2011
a raw hummingbird social nights Organize a women’s or co-ed circle (or a bookclub book selection) where you discuss the development of your own identity, sexuality, and your history while sharing a raw hummingbird to those who might be interested by it. Two Star All year.
Please a Professor Campaign College students & those who have a knack for emailing a lot without getting burnt out! Intention: Encourage a raw hummingbird to be taught in GLBTQ, Women & Gender, and/or Creative Nonfiction Writing Courses. One to Two Star Monthly Nest Skype chat with all volunteers, starting February!
How: As an Indie volunteer, simply print out information to connect with your own professor about a raw hummingbird & our sister project, Journal to Save Your Life, and/or email professors around the country.
Professional campaigners, customer service reps, social media gurus, socialites Draw attention to our two IndieGoGo.com 2011 campaigns via your own or Jasper’s network. One to Two Star February – March 2011 and one other time in 2011
Identify grants that we should apply to. One Star All year.
Hold fundraising events in your town, & we can discuss what kind of perks you’d like to have in return! Two Star February – March 2011 and one other time in 2011
Find Sponsors! Approach and follow up with organizations and about being our sponsor. One star February – June 2011

Graduate MFA or Film studies student, experienced filmmaker and/or photographer. Collaborate with Jasper Faolan and film/photograph images for the creation of our community BRAND (vitally important for connecting with youth in a positive way) for both Indie-Pen-DENT! Publishing & Journal To Save Your Life — & build your portfolio, if this is important to you. Three Star Connect ASAP and start creating media starting March 2011.
Designer(s) Designs one or two outfits for Jasper Faolan to wear for her branding photo shoots & videos (see previous entry). Three Star February 2011 onwards, depending on your schedule.
Design a logo and a t-shirt design for Journal to Save Your Life.  Naturally have your name associated with the designs and make a commission on every t-shirt sold.  Depending on interest, this may become a fun ‘competition’.
Website Designer Edgy, creative, professional Propose designs for Journal to Save Your Life’s ultimate look based on our community parameters.  If we choose your design, we’ll offer you a down payment through our fundraising efforts, then continue to compensate you until launch. Three Star April 2011 start
Flyer! Anyone with arms & legs. Sign up with Jasper to receive postcards and/or posters to post on people’s windshields, under dorm rooms, in youth centers, in churches (why not?), cafes, bookstores… One to Three Star Now!
Graffiti Anyone with a hand. Write notes on a raw hummingbird and Journal To Save Your Life websites on bathroom stalls, concrete walls, wooden telephone polls…. Now…
Public Relations Those with Professional PR experience Spend an hour a month helping us spread the word along the channels you understand. One Star March 2011 Begin.
Journal Prompt Editors, Solicitors, & Creators
Those interested in discovering, editing and creating healing writing prompts for Journal To Save Your Life Do psychological and archetypal research on what kind of prompts are age and gender appropriate for Journal to Save Your Life.  Help edit solicited prompts from established psychologists, feminists, activists and professionals. Submit your own prompts for consideration on what you think will work best to help heal at-risk youth. One to Three Star March – May 2011
This position is also for those interested in Women & Rage tour, as we aspire to fold some of the verbiage from W&R (eg. emotions are transformative) into age appropriate prompts for Journal to Save Your Life.
Consultants on What it’s Like to be a Teen today


Submit YouTube, email or voice responses (anonymously or with your name attached) to Jasper Faolan’s videos on what life is like for you. March – April 2011

2 responses to “Volunteer

  • Renee Burnett

    I am thrilled for you and your project. I am thrilled for the people you will reach and serve. RhenElyse Ward is one of my Priestess sisters and gave me your information. I am interested in knowing you and plugging in to help. Please email or feel free to call me at 816-617-7172. I need to spend time feeling into what I can offer and hope to have a connection with you. Way to go girl!

    In love, light and service,


    • jasperfaolan

      Mention Rhen-Elyse and you have my undivided attention. The woman is made of stars.

      I’d love to explore your talents & interests to see how we might best create together ~ or simply connect and see how it all flows. I can call tomorrow after lunch, central time. Does this work for you? If not, after 3pm central on Thursday also works.

      Blessings and…Rock! 😉 Excited.

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